Welcome to Toddler Watches

Giving your kids their first watch is an important milestone in their life. Being able to tell the time gives them that feeling of responsibility and maturity. As a parent you will be able to see your child’s eyes beam in pride when you ask them what time it is and they proudly reply to you the right answer after. So if you are on the lookout the best toddler watches and kids watches then you should take into consideration several important factors.

First of all you have to make sure that the face of the watch features numbers that are big enough for your child to see. Toddlers will have it easier with digital watches. Once they have gotten familiar with their numbers it will be easy for them to just glance at their watches to be able to tell the time. For kids who enjoy a little extra challenge this is the perfect time to introduce them to analog watches. Again, it is of utmost importance that the numbers are big and prominent and that they stand out clearly from the background of the face. It will also help if the hour and minute hands are differently colored from the second hand to avoid confusion.

Second, make sure that the watch is of very good quality. This means that these timepieces should be durable enough to withstand your child’s active movements at their age. It would be a good idea to invest in a watch that is water resistant so that it any case that they spill something on it or they wear it while playing in the rain it will still continue functioning well. You should not mind having to spend a little bit more just to make sure that you get your money’s worth on toddler watches and kids watches that are made of the finest materials and have impeccable workmanship.

Third, make sure that you select watches that have very secure straps. Many kids watches have Velcro closure that are great for securing it to their wrists without fear of it falling off. The strap should also be made of fabric that is gentle to your children’s skin so that it does not cause any sort of irritation.

There are a lot of great choices for timepieces that will suit your kids’ preferences. Whether they feature images of their favorite action heroes or their favorite Disney princesses, your child will surely treasure their first watch.